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Well, after some serious Epic Fail on the part of Gamestop, I finally have my Dragon Age 2 signature edition in hand. Of course, I'm also already into Act 3 courtesy of the great generosity of friend who gifted it to me on Steam when Gamestop hosed me in the first place. I've also already purchased the Sebastian DLC, so that's a bit redundant. Sadly, there's no way to separate the Sebastian DLC in the signature edition from the rest of the signature edition stuff, so I can't pass that content on to a friend, alas.

To document, in case I ever become overwhelmed again by the promise of free content for pre-ordering, the timeline of this Epic Fail and why I will not be pre-ordering anything from Gamestop ever again, we start with January 2nd. This is the day in which I succumbed to the clever marketing ploy of 'pre-order before January 11th or you'll never have this opportunity again!' and put down some money towards a game that wouldn't even be available for three more months. But I did, because hey! Free DLC plus other goodies. I want that. And because Dragon Age: Origins was the first computer game I actually completed since The Longest Journey. And the first that I'd started another play through on since... well, honestly? I can't remember since when! Quite possibly since something played on my Commodore 64 (Moonmist, I'm looking at you).

So, down goes my money and off I go home, excitedly anticipating Dragon Age 2 and my free goodies and oooo, won't this be fun!

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And now, I'm going to play more DA2.

Happy New Year!

It's 2009 on the East Coast! Happy New Year!


Clearly, I am paving the road to hell. I'm a week behind on NaNoWriMo. I keep either being abruptly busy or crawling into bed early. Lameness. Although, some of it vaguely resembles having a life.



I have to say I found this to be pretty spot on. Spookily so!

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I don't usually post these things, but since my mom's a breast cancer survivor, I thought I might post this one. The breast cancer site has sponsors offering (theoretically, I haven't vetted this) to pay for free mammograms for those who can't afford them based on people clicking on the breast cancer site. So, I clicked. And you can too, if you'd like to!






I want to thank everyone for their sympathy wishes. They really mean a lot to me. I intended to go through and respond to each one, but it makes me cry. So you get a general post of thanks. But it is heartfelt.


RIP Agnew

I'd left her at the vet to get some blood work done to check her kidney functions. The vet was calling me to let me know that it didn't look good and his recommendation was going to be that she be put to sleep when the tech came down from checking on her to let him know that she passed away.


Sick Kitty

Agnew's doing very poorly. She's all constipated and lethargic. She won't eat, but she will drink. She doesn't move on her own. She wet the couch. She probably needed to go to the vet today (or even yesterday), but I've had to work. She's going to the vet in the morning, though.

I suspect she probably won't be coming home. I mean, maybe the problem is all just the severe constipation, which really snuck up on me, but even if they get her cleaned out I'm not sure at this point that she'll recover.

She's 19 or 20 years old.



No one on my LJ list except, probably, diony will care:

But they're reprinting L.J. Smith's young adult paranormal novels, putting them two or three to a book. I was terribly tempted.



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